Saga Shop - Winter 2020

ORDER ONLINE I WE DELIVER ON BOARD Saga Club members earn Tier Credits on top of their Saga Point earnings with every on-board purchase. Tier Credits determine whether you are eligible for Saga Silver or Saga Gold membership, and therefore added benefits. All Saga Shop goods have a minimum one-year guarantee; please keep your receipt. Purchases can be exchanged at the Icelandair Head Office, upon presentation of receipts, Monday to Friday, between 1 and 4 pm. n Please note that you cannot combine Saga Points and other payment methods when making a purchase. n If your Saga Points status is not sufficient, the payment will be deducted from your credit or debit card. n Keep in mind that refunds and changing payment methods after the flight are not possible. n Please note that only the Saga Card holder can use his / her Saga Points as payment. *Saga Club members neither earn Saga Points nor Tier Credits when paying with Saga Points. ICELANDAIR SAGA CLUB MEMBERS EARN SAGA POINTS AND TIER CREDITS FOR ALL ON-BOARD PURCHASES, BOTH FOR PRODUCTS AND REFRESHMENTS, IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE FOLLOWING TABLE.* ENJOY USING YOUR SAGA POINTS ON THIS FLIGHT USE YOUR SAGA POINTS ON BOARD WITH THREE SIMPLE STEPS Saga Points and ISK = Tier Credits 1 – 2,000 = 100 2,001 – 5,000 = 200 5,001 – 10,000 = 300 10,001 – 20,000 = 700 20,001 – 30,000 = 1,700 30,001 – 40,000 = 2,500 40,001 – 50,000 = 3,500 50,001 – 60,000 = 5,000 60,001 – 300,000 = 6,000 Go to at least 48 hours before departure Inform the cabin crew you wish to use Saga Points Choose your item(s) Submit your name, booking- or ticket number and email address Your order will be delivered to your seat during your flight Hand your Saga Card and credit or debit card to the cabin crew Enjoy your Saga Points purchase HOW DO I EARN SAGA POINTS? A FEE FOR PLASTIC BAGS Members of our frequent flyer program, Icelandair Saga Club, can use their Saga Points for products and refreshments on board. - 3 ... Thank you for shopping with us. Your receipt will be available at . n The receipt will be online three hours after arrival. n Enter your last name and last four digits of your credit card. According to a new Icelandic law, companies are not allowed to hand out carrier bags free of charge. If you would like a plastic bag, a small fee will therefore apply. Small bag: EUR 0.11 Large bag: EUR 0.18